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KM-Parse v2.1 - Auto-White/GreyListing Utility

Features :

For more details, please refer to the readme file which is supplied as a PDF

The latest public release version can be downloaded here :-

The previous version is still available here :-

 KM-Parse v2 - Main Window

KM-Parse automatically greylists all email from new senders for one day and adds a header to these emails to aid filtering. Once the greylist is established, most legitimate email will pass through quietly because the senders have been seen before. Nearly all spam has a unique new email sender (to avoid blacklisting) so the results of any filtering can be quite dramatic :-

Screenshot from Mailwasher showing 100% identification of new email addresses


KM-Parse now supports SpamAssassin for Win32 as well as ClamAV.

SpamAssassin Setup